Show at your Church

We currently offering 2 ways for your church or organization to show Another Chance.

Option 1 – Host a Premiere Screening

In a Premiere Screening of Another Chance, Flimmakers and cast members come to you. They will be there during the film and can speak on relevant issues that the film addresses.

There is no fee for this option, however, we ask that travel expenses are covered and for the ability to sell film products at the screening. Please contact us for availability.

Option 2 – Host a Licensed Screening

For a “Licensed” Screening, we provide the resources and support to help your church engage your community by hosting an “Another Chance” Movie Night. We will send your church a licensed copy of the movie “Another Chance” that can be shown to a public audience. You will have access to downloadable and printable bulletin inserts, posters, tickets, and more that will help you promote your event. There is a $50 licensing fee for this option.

Forgiveness Teaching Series Package

Both of the above screening options also include a free copy of the “Another Chance 4giveness” teaching series package. You will receive everything you need to teach a series on Forgiveness after showing the compelling story of forgiveness in “Another Chance” the movie. This package is complete with teaching notes, presentation slides, as well as audio and video of Pastor Steve Caronna teaching the series.

To set up a screening, please cal 919-570-2007 x106 .